1. Acronym for “A Day in the Life”
2. Content the that documents someone’s activity during each hour of a specific day in their life. ADITLs can be articles, videos, podcasts or other forms of creative mediums.
“What’s ADITL of a doctor is like?”
“So what do you do for work, what’s your ADITL?”
We interview people about what it’s
really like to work
a day in the life
of their jobs and careers!

About Us

After graduation Krista Bo and Mat Po, saw a lot of friends struggle to find jobs that they liked. Most of the time, this was due to a lack of direction. 

Fact: There’s a HUGE gap between what people think jobs are like, and what those jobs are actually like.

We’re bridging that gap!

We’re creating an online digital library of “ADITLs” or content about a day in the life of all different jobs in all different industries. 

Through content, you can make more informed career decisions and experience a day in the life of the jobs you want! 

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