1. Acronym for “A Day in the Life”
“No two ADITLs are exactly the same.”
2. Content the that documents someone’s activity during each hour of a specific day in their life. ADTILs can be articles, videos, podcasts or other forms of creative mediums.
“So what do you do for work, what’s your ADITL?”

About Us

After graduation Krista Bo and Mat Po witnessed an overwhelming number of friends choose the wrong career, or worse, have no direction in their careers. In January of 2018, Experience A Day In The Life was founded under the mission to help college students make more informed career decisions. 

The fact is: there’s a huge gap between what student think a job is like and what that job is actually like. Experience A Day In The Life is filling that gap by creating an online library of “ADITLs” of different people in different jobs in all industries.

Now, through our content, students, and everyone, have a place where they can experience a day in the life of the jobs they want.

Through our Student Internship, college students can meet, network with and learn from professionals they aspire to be like!

Listen to the full story below:

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