1. Acronym for “A Day in the Life”
2. An hour by hour breakdown of what a SPECIFIC person does during a SPECIFIC day. 
“So what’s your ADITL like?”

What do you do?

How do you do it?

Why do you do it?

The world wants to know!

About Us

After graduation Krista Bo and Mat Po, witnessed a lot of friends struggle to navigate various job markets and find fulfilling careers. Most of the time, this was because, even after spending 4+ years in school and thousands of dollars in tuition, many students leave college without a clear career direction!

Fact: There’s a HUGE gap between what people think jobs are like, and what those jobs are actually like.

We’re bridging that gap by interviewing professionals of all industries and investigating  jobs and careers all over the world. 

In our interviews, we set out to learn three things:

  1. What it’s REALLY like to work a day in the life on the job.
  2. What career experience is necessary to get the job.
  3. What advice for those who aspire to follow their career path.

Through our interviews, we hope to empower you to make more informed career decisions and experience a day in the life of the jobs you want! 

-Krista Bo & Mat Po