1. Acronym for “A Day In The Life”
  2. An hour by hour breakdown of what a specific person does during a specific day.


“So, what’s ADITL of your job like?”

About Us

Hi! We’re Krista Bo and Mat Po!

Krista is a producer at CNN.

Mat is a revenue ops leader in CRE tech.

Together we’re, @acouplewithapodcast.

And co-hosts of the Experience A Day In The Life Podcast

Basically, we’re young, super curious and have this crazy ambition to better understand how the industries work together to make the world go ’round.

We created xADITL to learn more about different people with different jobs all over the world. 

It’s our mission to create content that will let you virtually “experience a day in the life” of different jobs and careers before making your next career decision!