Jared Wenzel

Jared Wenzel

Account Manager & Executive Recruiter,
Executive Staffing Solutions

A Day In The Life of a Managed Care Account Manger and Recruiter


As an Account Manager and Executive Recruiter, Jared directs his own team of recruiters while maintaining client relations, recruiting candidates in the healthcare field and leading sales efforts for the firm.



6:00 AM

Jared started the day killing two birds with one stone: completing a morning workout on his recumbent bike while playing video games for an hour. His Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Brothers and the new Witcher 3 have been holding Jared’s attention during his cardio sessions as of late. He followed up with kettlebell exercises and meditation.

A well-rounded morning of productivity and entertainment primes Jared’s day for similar efficiency.

7:30 AM

Jared hit the road for his 25-30 minute commute to work and listened to music during the trip. Unfortunately, he ran into an unexpected train that set him behind schedule. 

To keep the mornings fresh, Jared will often switch out the radio for a podcast or sports news. His commute is the perfect length to grasp some worthy content without spending too much time in the car.

8:00 AM

The ESS office is located on the sixth floor of a corporate office building lined with cubicles and offices—Jared calls it their “cube farm.”

8:05 AM

Jared attended a training session with a group of 20 other individuals revolved around spotting strong resumes and best practices of preparing candidates for interviews.

Two Wednesdays out of the month, Jared and his team train and collaborate together to keep communication open, ensure the team is aligned and to discuss relevant material that supports the success of the firm. During the sessions, the team converses over tips and tricks related to the respective topic. These times are especially important after new employees are introduced to the firm so expectations are set and group goals are defined.

During this particular session, the team focused heavily on preparing candidates for interviews. Jared practices this by informing candidates of interview etiquette, appropriate dress code and topics the candidate should be prepared to speak on.

9:00 AM

Jared powered on his computer. He opened his email, applicant tracking system (ATS) and LinkedIn to spend the next 30 minutes communicating with clients and candidates via email. 

On average, the office as a whole will juggle sourcing talent for 80-100 open roles, for about six, seven clients at a time and Jared works through about 20 of those open job orders. At a bird’s eye view, the lifespan of the full cycle recruitment process is about 57 days at ESS. 

During the initial phases of the recruitment process, ample time is spent communicating back and forth to coordinate interview dates/times between the clients and candidates. Jared will also solicit feedback from prior interviews to update candidates that are in more mature phases to move forward to the following steps at this time. 

In efforts to continue to bring business to the firm, Jared will reach out with introductory emails to prospective clients acquired through mutual connections. In this industry, connections are everything. The more people you know, the more jobs you acquire.

9:39 AM

Jared spent time gathering information for a call with a hiring manager and an executive-level HR individual that would take place later on in the morning. 

As an Account Manager, a significant portion of Jared’s schedule is spent communicating with HR teams and hiring managers of the client’s organizations. His primary goal here is to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for the client, by lightening their workload while supporting the process from a senior level. 

Jared will routinely meet with his team members that are directly recruiting for specific roles to gather details before stepping into the phone calls.  Common roles for the team to source candidates for include contracting roles, executive leadership, C-suite, accounting, medical directors and professionals involved in medical insurance. This particular role was a Senior Vice President of Healthcare Insurance Sales.

9:40 AM

Pow-wow time…. for the next 20 minutes, Jared met with his colleagues to discuss current, active candidates. 

On this day, the team discussed a particular candidate who was waiting for an offer from Jared’s client. The candidate was actively interviewing with other organizations and the team reviewed the situation along with the factors motivating the candidate. This role would involve relocation for the candidate and a visit to the company could influence her interest. As the middleman, Jared’s responsibility is to regurgitate the team collaboration to the client in order to progress the process while also understanding how to keep the candidate engaged.

The importance of team collaboration is crucial during the recruitment stages at ESS. The recruiters Jared supports screen candidates, coordinate interviews and offer input towards search strategies. Jared steps in to communicate with the clients and host the process. Moving back and forth as a team ensures a smooth transaction with little hassle for the clients. To further nourish this collaborative culture, the firm as a whole promotes community lunches and offers contest prizes of office trips that continue to build the camaraderie. 

10:00 AM

Jared sifted through his “saved searches” on LinkedIn. 

As the primary tool for the recruitment world, LinkedIn Recruiter allows for specialty features to support the industry. Jared is able to search for candidates by filters of vast criteria and keywords. After common searches are performed, an option to save the categories are available to further organize the talent pool. 

With a list of over 30 saved searches, Jared receives notifications after candidates update their profiles with matches to certain criteria. This is an incredibly rewarding passive recruiting tool that allows for a constant flow of relevant candidates. Jared also utilizes this to keep tabs on Executives, HR professionals and other Talent Acquisition people in the industry.

10:15 AM

Jared has a one-on-one meeting with his boss, Rick, to touch base.

Daily, and in the morning, Rick visits Jared’s desk to offer support, advice and to collaborate on strategic plans. The two discuss Jared’s active job orders, which candidates are in the interviewing process, efforts of business development and any other miscellaneous topic at hand. 

As Jared works in numerous areas, he values the routine conversations to remain organized and prioritize. The mentorship Rick provides to Jared serves as a stable foundation for the flow of the firm.

10:30 AM

Jared spent time on business development. 

As a full desk recruiter, Jared recruits while also managing clients and job orders. Discipline and time management play a heavy role in the balance of these areas. ESS provides Jared with the ability to nourish the sales aspect of his role. 

With a natural interest in sales, he exudes daily effort towards prospecting and business development to some degree. Jared focuses on the strategies that work, allowing him to remain proactive and moving forward. A recent goal of Jared’s is to sign clients with high-leveled open roles (Director and above) to the team. 

When it comes to prospecting, Jared has templates designed for his outreach. He heads back to LinkedIn and Indeed, utilizing the saved searches for this department. With the notifications he receives, he searches keywords to scout organizations or positions with a match in criteria or needing Managed Care experience. Open jobs that require Medicare or Medicaid experience are frequently targeted. 

After Jared discovers positions he is interested in pursuing, he visits LinkedIn to find hiring managers or operational leaders for the roles and sends relevant messages or sales templates via inmails. Within these messages, Jared will introduce himself and share similarities between the roles he sources for and the client’s particular needs. The approach here is short and concise to catch the attention of the prospective client through genuine information. 

The response rate here is exceptionally higher than office emails. This process is continual, as a constant stream of clients equates to continuous work and steady cash flow.

11:15 AM

Jared posted an updated job list to LinkedIn. 

On social media, understanding the algorithms associated with different social platforms and the involved demographics are necessary to increase engagement and reach of posts. LinkedIn is no different.

Jared adheres to this by posting job updates to his connections between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

“Don’t forget hashtags!”

11:30 AM

Jared took a call with a Hiring Manager and Senior Vice President of HR regarding the Vice President of Sales role. 

Jared was incredibly excited to find out that his client would be making an offer to his team’s candidate! On the call, they discussed the holistic idea of the candidate’s current compensation and requirements to ensure a competitive offer would be made without a counter. 

After the call, Jared connected with the candidate to fill in a few missing blanks and followed up once more with the clients. Working with executive staff across different organizations is a component of the job that Jared finds exceptional interest in. 

He explains high-level roles to sound intimidating upon first glance, but at the end of the day knows we are all regular people.  

12:00 PM

Jared took a break for lunch. 

Normally, Jared will head home to visit with his baby boy and wife before heading back to finish the workday. 

During lunch on Wednesdays, he takes his weekly trip to Goodwill to hunt for gems that he will later flip. Jared has been re-selling men’s vintage, streetwear and branded clothing for about a year as what began as a hobby, flourished into an enjoyable side-gig for an extra stream of income.

In past hunts, Jared has found artist’s t-shirts, European soccer scarves, comic books and antiques. He will post photos of the goods to his accounts on Poshmark, Mercari and eBay to sell over weekends. Sometimes, re-selling a $2 t-shirt for $25 gives him more of a rush than placing a candidate!

1:00 PM

Jared grabbed a cup of coffee and reviewed a service agreement that was sent over for final approval. He also followed up on prospective new clients. 

In a service agreement, details of agreed-upon services between the firm and clients are outlined. Jared has been working with an organization and the two have gone back and forth to agree on language for both sides of the contract. The agreements can be long and detailed, but understanding each page is necessary to ensure alignment between both parties.

1:30 PM

Jared recruited on LinkedIn. 

During his one-on-one meetings with Rick, the two reviewed jobs that needed attention compared to others. The firm prioritizes roles based on the agreements of the contracts. Clients utilizing retainers, for example, are higher on the priority list as payment is received at the beginning of the recruitment process. 

2:50 PM

Jared had a call with a candidate to prepare for a final interview the following day. 

Each time a candidate presented by the team lands an interview, Jared sets up a call to prepare the candidate. Relevant to the training Jared attended earlier this day, he discusses interview etiquette and provides tips on forming concise answers to questions commonly asked.

Jared divulges in the importance of fitting with the company culture and representing the brand values. The right skill set is not enough in these cases, as a personality that works cohesively with the company is just as crucial in landing an offer.

“Companies need to retain their employees and if you don’t fit in you won’t last long.”

3:10 PM

Jared responded to a few more emails and ventured back to recruiting. 

Busy days with a multitude of tasks are ideal in Jared’s book. Occasionally, hours can be spent on LinkedIn looking at profiles—the most important part of the job, but also quite tedious. Jared works the best wearing multiple hats and leading various processes.

4:00 PM

Before ending the day, Jared took a call with a hiring manager. 

Jared has a candidate that rescheduled for an onsite interview twice. Although out of the ordinary, the hiring manager connected strongly to the candidate and is willing to still offer a chance. 

After creative strategizing, Jared was able to coordinate a video interview for the candidate and he discussed the logistics of the call with his client. This situation is uncommon, as two cancellations would normally eliminate the candidate however humanity won as the excuses appeared legitimate. Sometimes, a little understanding can go a long way. 

“Recruiting is a rollercoaster… make sure you keep your hands in the cart!”

4:30 PM

Jared switched from his work phone to his personal cell and left the office to head home. 

Jared’s wife works as a Reiki practitioner in the evenings a few nights each week and he cares for their 13-month-old son, James, during that time. Fatherhood added a whole new level of responsibility to Jared’s life. The value of his work increased, as he focuses on providing for his family and setting an example for his son. 

The flexibility that ESS gives to Jared and his family is important while raising a child, as Jared needs to be home on the nights his wife works. He finds himself pushing harder for his goals and setting higher expectations to establish a reliable future as his son grows up.

10:00 PM

Jared and James eat dinner together, read books and play until James starts to rub his eyes. Afterwards, Jared puts his son down to sleep and settles in, himself, for the evening to wind down before heading to bed.

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Jared graduated from Ohio University where a passion for creativity and music led to a degree in Audio Production. After graduating, Jared ventured back to his hometown and landed a door-to-door sales role, promoting Columbus Crew tickets. While on the job one day, one of Jared’s customers introduced him to the world of recruiting through candid dialogue and Jared pursued the lead. After an interview, he stepped into a recruitment role and began his experience in the field. 

Jared’s innate attraction towards operating a business of his own led him to step back from recruiting to give entrepreneurship a go with his wife. The two created Global Touch Marketing, promoting smartphone applications for small businesses. Jared was led back to recruiting after spotting an opportunity with Executive Staffing Solutions.

He landed the role and was able to combine his past interests into one cohesive system for himself. As an Account Manager and Recruiter, Jared is able to harvest his entrepreneur mentality while remaining hands-on in recruiting for his talent to flourish.

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