Denise Sicheneder

Vice President of Sales and Service,

A Day In The Life of the Vice President of Sales and Service at Spinzo


As the Vice President of Sales and Service, Denise oversees each facet of the brand’s sales world through a consumer experience lens. She directs a team of ten Sales Representatives and technology professionals while also handling company relationships directly, acquiring new clients and marketing the brand through social platforms to orchestrate a seamless production from front to back.



5:45 AM

When Denise first woke up, she enjoyed quiet time with her coffee, journal and a book.

Denise describes her morning routine as imperative for “setting the tone” of her day and she does so before jumping into other tasks, responsibilities or switching on “mom-mode” to make breakfast, snacks and lunches for her three little ones.

She will browse her email for urgent matters but if none require her attention, she is filling her journal, meditating and hitting the gym on the regular after getting her kids on the bus. Denise emphasizes that she is an “efficient exerciser,” as she moves just as productively during her workout, as she does the rest of her day while relying on this consistency to fuel the robust contents of her agenda.

While at the gym, Denise normally frequents her favorite podcasts, “The Mindset Mentor” by Rob Dial and “The Upside” by a couple navigating their way through life in Atlanta. Denise pays particular attention to her mindset; focusing on staying motivated, remaining grateful and surrounding herself with messages that propel her to remain on a bright path and prosperous future. She instills the same messages in her parenting, as well, as being a single Mother requires strength and determination that she continually practices.

Denise attributes a substantial amount of her efficient nature to her role as a Mother, in saying, “I feel like I can accomplish more in a few hours, than most people do in an entire day because as a single Mom, I have to!”

When Denise was working out of an office, she was constantly thinking of time… rushing home to meet a nanny, or pick someone up from daycare, she was always on the go. Although now working from home, she utilizes these past experiences to organize and structure her day, specifically her mornings. She is mindful of each moment in order to maximize her schedule and is sure to role model her values to set a strong example for her kids. She believes in setting high standards and working diligently towards goals, instilling the same confidence in her family that she has in herself.

Denise Sicheneder journal

denise sicheneder

8:20 AM

Without a commute, Denise doesn’t have a routine to leave for work, as she can begin where she sees fit without the hassle of an arriving/starting time. Normally, after her kids get on the bus is when she’ll arrive at the gym. Proceeding the gym, she gets to work.

8:30 AM

Denise’s work environment is her home office. Although nothing too glamorous, it suits her wonderfully. If she decides to change the scenery, she will move to her local coffee shop.

Remote working, like anything else, comes with pros and cons. For Denise, the pros outweigh the cons. “I love working from home and I probably won’t ever go back to a routine office environment,” she said.

Denise thoroughly enjoys the flexibility of working on her own time, especially while balancing “mom-mode” with her role as VP of Sales. She is in control of her day’s structure and can organize her tasks as it relates to the needs of both Spinzo and her home life. Another plus is the lack of traffic! She was once traveling an hour and a half each way to the office, as most people in the traditional workplace can relate to, but has since then gained this time back which impacts her ability to do more.

Denise discussed the downside of remote working to solely revolve around the removal of the camaraderie that can be found within a team working alongside each other. She does experience the lonely aspect of spending the majority of her time at home and craves the hustle and bustle… although not enough to revert back to a traditional office.

Spinzo - denise sicheneder

9:30 AM

Denise believes firmly in acquiring mentors and she herself, maintains positive relationships with a few relating to different components of her life. On her drive home from the gym, Denise caught up with a particular female mentor of hers, who works independently and provides clarity for Denise in a professional sense. There are few females in the world of sports and because of this, Denise values her relationship with this particular mentor. They often dissect situations that Denise may be encountering in her career and work through solutions together. 

10:00 AM

Denise had a call with her boss, Emmanuel, the CEO at Spinzo. They talk daily, breaking down the tasks of the day and detailing any outstanding projects that may need attention. Using various mediums, the two are in constant communication working hand in hand across all concepts. This particular conversation was in regards to an upcoming 2020 release that was set to tackle the challenges of group sales reaching new heights. Spinzo, as a whole, recognizes that people are spending money in different ways and understanding the market meticulously is vital in insuring the company evolves with their clients.

For example, Denise noticed Major League Baseball and the National Football League to be experiencing the most transitions, although the Sport industry as a whole is evolving. To explain her observation further, Denise said,

“Clients aren’t viewing things like, season tickets, as status symbols quite like they used to. We have to get creative to continue to bring people into the buildings… it’s a changing marketplace and we have to keep up.” 

11:00 AM

Denise had a scheduled call with Isaac, Spinzo’s main contact at the Florida Everblades. They discussed the more complex promotions they had scheduled for December and Denise assisted with building those for him.

Spinzo recognizes that teams are usually stretched thin, with people working in many facets. Denise routinely acts as a support system to navigate and assist in building promotions for the teams on Spinzo’s platforms. Details of seats, game times, group sizes and various components of a deal need to be outlined and Denise steps in to make the process user-friendly and smooth, as a personal troubleshooter and tech. guide. 

11:20 AM

To reach out to new potential clients (colleges, NBA teams, Minor League Hockey teams and NFL teams,) Denise sent messages and emails through LinkedIn.
As the VP of Sales, Denise still carries a personal sales quota but not in the typical sense. At Spinzo, individuals build commission after revenue is generated through the platform. Independently and through her team, Denise focuses on the money that enters Spinzo’s platform as a quota, as opposed to assigning a number of teams/new clients to acquire as a goal. 

12:00 PM

Denise had a quick lunch and got ready for the rest of the day. This mid-day check in is important to gauge her productivity and prioritize what needs to get done for deadline purposes. Lunch was leftover chicken, rice and veggies.

Denise Sicheneder's lunch

12:45 PM

Denise serviced various client needs including answering emails about offer builds, platform features, customer inquiries and reporting.

She then took an impromptu call from her client, Nick at AHL’s Tucson Roadrunners, where she assisted with a Kids club offer build.

Denise designs or helps her clients navigate through the promotional portion of Spinzo’s platform to enforce an incredibly smooth process. During this moment, she sent a mass email to a database of kid’s club buyers. Most teams, Denise observes, are understaffed and are maxed out through wearing multiple hats. Spinzo fills this void, as Denise serves as an extra player to aid in the completion of certain processes of the experience. She spot-checks, reviews and edits for her clients for accuracy. 

Afterward, Denise assisted her client, Allyson from PNC Arena, in building new offers for various concerts coming to the arena in Raleigh. She also proofed offers for the South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL) in regards to their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Denise maintains close relationships with numerous teams to feed partnerships and drive her consumer experience expertise. On this day, she responded to messages from the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, Arizona Coyotes, Carolina Hurricanes, and Detroit Red Wings and NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

During the relationship build and maintenance, Denise toggles between her service and sales hat simultaneously, as they are both one in the same towards fueling a cohesive end goal. The two work as the yin and the yang of the encounter and become interchangeable during the length of an interaction and for the entire life of every relationship. The more servicing Denise provides, ultimately leads to a greater stream of revenue through sales into the platform.  

2:00 PM

Denise followed-up on her morning LinkedIn post and replied to comments. She spent time commenting on other pertinent posts in her feed and filmed a video for late afternoon posting. 

Denise is incredibly active on LinkedIn as she believes this to be a catalyst for further brand partnerships, deeper success in any company and for establishing a reputable name for herself as an expert in the role. Social media has allowed her to increase the knowledge of her current clients for Spinzo and how in-depth they utilize the platform. She also creates free content to brand herself and has from this, started to build a one-on-one coaching business to help individuals move into the space of Sports Sales. 

“Social media is free marketing for a company… why wouldn’t you participate?”

Denise also has found LinkedIn to be a loophole for missing events that are unfeasible to attend because of location or time. Remaining relevant is crucial and commenting, offering insight or information and staying visible allows for participation in these profound events although not physically present. There is immense empowerment in having an online presence, for both expansion and as a voice. 

3:30 PM

Denise took a late afternoon/early morning call with the Australian Football League.

Spinzo has partnered with the league for the past few years after Ticketmaster introduced the two in hopes of sparking a mutually beneficially agreement, which has worked harmoniously. This call was to recap the 2019 season—five of the teams utilized the brand’s platform—and to discuss the results while sharing new features of Spinzo’s services. A plan was established for rolling into the 2020 season, as well. Australia doesn’t have the structure that the United States has established in regards to Sports Sales and with Spinzo, the league has been able to expand and promote tickets in a creative, impactful manner that continues to evolve over time. The only challenge with this partnership is the time difference! 

5:00 PM

Denise began the after-school activities including picking up the kids from STEM club, having a quick dinner between that and Choir and then gymnastics. Sometimes homework on Tuesdays is done in the car, carrying Denise’s efficiency habits right into the kid’s schedule! While she waited at each activity, she spent time messaging her customers in her skincare business through Rodan and Fields to ensure their orders were correct for processing. She has been selling skincare through Rodan ad Fields for the past four years as an Independent Consultant and as the top skincare company in the World, it supply’s a healthy stream of income for her.

8:00 PM

Denise returned home and wrapped up a few final touches on her kid’s homework, had a snack and began their bedtime routine.

8:30 PM

Denise finished up loose ends for work by responding to Spinzo emails and any Rodan and Fields needs. 

She has grown a group of clients through this business and tonight, she contacted her customers, fulfilled orders and updated outstanding carts with product that would ship out over the next few days. 

Denise wears multiple hats and stays motivated to show her kids that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. 

9:30 PM

Denise washed her face, brushed her teeth and crashed after her long days work. 

10:30 PM

Denise usually winds down with some time to herself. She’ll catch up on a TV show, browse social media and take it easy to settle into the night.

Which job do you want to experience next?


Denise first embarked toward her professional career while studying at the University of Arizona, pursuing her underlying passions for event planning and sports. Unsure of how to marry the two, Denise was advised to break into the sports industry through professional training and went on to do so at a leading firm, Game Face Inc. Here, Denise dove headfirst into learning the business and experienced an unexpected but innate ability to maneuver the world of sales. This discovery led to projected success she knew she would produce in the field and with this confidence, she continued to venture forward. Her adaptable personality and people-focused lens, worked harmoniously as she landed her first Sporting Ticket Sales job in Pittsburgh. Not long into the role, Denise uncovered her love for group sales, which fulfilled her initial desire to work in event planning. From there, she evolved and continued to groom her reputation as an expert, moving to Atlanta and spending over nine years working with the Atlanta Hawks.

What is your advice those who aspire to be like you?

Denise suggested that anyone interested in breaking into the world of Sports and Sales should take advantage of networking and the information that people have to offer. “Start early with making connections and contacts, she said, adding informational interviews are key. Denise said,

“If you see someone in a role you are interested in, reach out to them. Ask for 15 minutes of their time and then pick their brain on what led them to where they are now. Build relationships, take on internships and seek out mentors.”

Denise has made a name for herself through taking risks and voicing her knowledge for people in the industry to benefit from. She has been incredibly active on LinkedIn, publishing articles discussing various concepts/topics in her field to expand upon her reputation. She is a firm believer in “getting out there” and pays respect to Motherhood contributing to her hustle mentality. Denise vocalizes to her kids and to anyone she converses with that picking one lane is old news.

“Never say never!”

Gone are the days of sticking to one plan! Denise advised cultivating the bravery to pursue numerous roles and emphasized the importance of passion and heart paving the way.

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