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A Day In The Life of a Production Assistant

As a cable news Production Assistant, I do just that: assist production. Now that we’re on the same page, My job is to handle elements that support the story being told—paint a picture, if you will, for the point trying to be made. That means cutting video, building graphics and full screens of information with optimal imagery, finding permissible photos or collecting research on topics. Being flexible and dependable was something about this position that inspired me and got me excited to figure out what I wanted to do with my career and see what I’m good at!

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A Day In The Life of a Music Therapist

Music therapists work with children, adults or the elderly, assessing a patient’s mental or physical disorders and disabilities before developing a therapeutic treatment plan. Music therapy can be administered in groups or on an individual basis to address emotional and physical needs.

For individual clients, Jessica will typically meet them at their home or school. We focus on specific goals that are agreed upon by their parent or guardian that are then continuously reassessed every few months in order to determine the effectiveness of the treatment plan.

As for the clients in group settings, Jessica mainly focuses on preschools, ESE classes, memory care or assisted living facilities -just to name a few- to assist them in age-appropriate goals, like development goals for children or motor skills goals to increase movement in older adults, or other important goals tailored to specific populations.

For younger children’s sessions, Jessica focuses on counting, letter and word recognition, and body awareness, among other goals that are developmentally appropriate. For older groups, some of the main goals include cognitive stimulation through open and closed-ended questions stemming from client-preferred music or movement activities with instruments or scarves in order to increase physical functions.

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A Day In The Life of a Swimwear Entrepreneur

As co-founder, Lauren is responsible for customer service, collaborations with influences, negotiations with partners, and daily analytics of their social media. Additionally, she is significant in coordinating production of the swimsuits and the balancing of their company’s budget.

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A Day In The Life of an Executive Editor at a University Press

As an Executive Editor, Nicole is responsible for the ongoing growth and development of the Rutgers University Press lists in film, media, communication and Latino/a studies. She commissions (or sign up contracts with new authors), select, and evaluate manuscripts and proposals to cultivate a rigorous list of books for scholars, students and professionals in various areas of study. These books are aimed to help shape critical issues, spark debate, and enrich teaching throughout the world! She is expected to sign roughly 30 new books per year.

Nicole works closely with other departments to manage projects from acquisition to publication, including collaborating with our production department and with sales and marketing to get the books in front of the right readers. She’s been working at the Rutgers University Press since January of 2018.

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ADITL of a Physician Assistant

A Day In The Life of a Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants are trained medical professionals who can examine, diagnose and treat patients. PA’s can wear many hats throughout a day, even in a career. For Rachel, that’s three hats to be exact! Rachel is in the hospital, three days per week and 12 hours per day. Of those three days, she rotates between three different roles: Medical Admitting Physician Assistant (MAPA), Pre-op Clinic and Admissions.

MAPA consist of triaging incoming emergency room patients (i.e. sorting and coordinating ER patients according to medical needs). The job is to receive the information necessary on each patient, allocate treatment options, and contact the appropriate departments to begin treatment. Multiply this process by 16 to 30 patients and you’ve got yourself a state of the art, 12-hour MAPA shift.

Pre-op Clinic, or “Clinic” is her favorite. Those days, she meets with patients who are having surgery within the next two months. She performs medical exams to determine if they are healthy enough and ready for surgery. This includes checking vitals, medications and medical history. Depending on the outcome, patients will either be cleared or referred to various specialists.

Admissions work is last but not least. This role makes Rachel the first point of contact for E.R. patients. Rachel will assess and attend to the patient as the first medical professional with the authority to prescribe and perform treatment. Today, you’ll read about ADITL of an Admissions Physician Assistant.

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Alex in the Farah Mobile

A Day In The Life of a Landscape Design Entrepreneur

Alex is the owner of Farah Landscape Design located in Central New Jersey. Farah Landscape Design is the premier landscaping specialist trusted by homeowners who want nothing less than the best value for their money on all their landscape design and maintenance needs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the landscape design industry, we take pride in our ability to perfectly turn our clients’ vision into reality through outstanding landscape design capabilities that exceed expectations. We operate with utmost professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and reliability. We make sure to work closely with each client every step of the way to ensure that all our services are aligned with that of their vision for their lawn or yard.

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