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LIVELY Marketing

A Day In The Life of a Marketing Assistant and Becoming a Marketing Assistant


A Day In The Life of an Associate Producer at Entertainment Weekly

Responsible for producing interviewing, and editing for online video content for Entertainment Weekly. Coordinates directly with the Senior Producer and assists in the creation of compelling video content for and its social media platforms. Responsibilities will include producing, interviewing, and editing content and overseeing productions from concept to delivery. In addition to production, this role will be responsible for managing media, from ingest through publication, and archiving assets footage.

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A Day In The Life of a Production Assistant

As a cable news Production Assistant, I do just that: assist production. Now that we’re on the same page, my job is to handle elements that support the story being told—paint a picture, if you will, for the point trying to be made.

A Day In The Life of a Music Therapist

Music therapists work with children, adults or the elderly, assessing a patient’s mental or physical disorders and disabilities before developing a therapeutic treatment plan. Music therapy can be administered in groups or on an individual basis to address emotional and physical needs.


Nurture Your Network

A Day In The Life of a Chief Networking Officer and How to Become a Chief Networking Officer


Generational Marketing

A Day In The Life of a Youth Brand and Marketing Strategist and How to Become a Marketing Strategist


Cater Your Career

A Day In The Life of a Catering Manager and How to Become a Catering Manager

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