Everything You Need to Know About Your xADITL Article Interview!

First things first, thank you so much for taking your time to collaborate with us on an ADITL Article. You’re stepping up as a role model for many people who may aspire to be just like you one day.

Your participation is much appreciated and we want to show our gratitude by valuing your time and ensuring we don’t waste a second of it. Therefore, we’ve put together this article as a resource for you to prepare for your upcoming interview. Although we feel as if we’ve included everything you’ll need to know, please feel free to reach out to us with any other questions.


The Guest Journey

Below is the typical A to Z timeline for a guest of xADITL.com.

  • Guest Application: You most likely have made it passed this step 🙂
  • Completing your ADITL Worksheet: If you haven’t completed it already, you should have your ADITL Date on the calendar and our team should already be in contact with you to help you complete it.
  • Interview: We will set up a Zoom Video conference to interview you about your ADITL, Experience and Advice.
  • Promotion: Before your article is published, you will receive all of the promotional material so you can share your story with your own personal and professional networks.


About the Interview

The interview will take place over a video conference. After confirming a date with our team, you will receive a calendar invitation with all the details.

****Please take precaution to find a quiet space for the entire length of the interview.

The interview will take roughly 30 minutes. To ensure that we are keeping on pace, the interviews are structured and broken into three parts:

  • Introduction: We will ask you preliminary questions about you, your job and your company. The ability to name your employer is required. If there is specific wording or phrases that need to be included, be sure to send those to us.


  • A Day In The Life (ADITL): In this portion of the interview, we will give you a copy of your ADITL Worksheet. Think of each task as a catalyst for a new question. It’s important to know, we aren’t reporting on your daily activity, we are using your daily activity to spark interesting conversations about your job, and industry. 


  • Experience: We start the conversation talking about your story and career journey. We’ll usually begin with your first career aspiration and end up with how your got the job you have today. But consider these other prompts as well as others:
    • What was one experience that significantly impacted your career?
    • How have your career goals evolved over time?
    • What is your best advice for aspiring [Your Job Title]s?
    • How do you define your best work and what value does it bring to the world?
    • What would you tell your 18 year old self today?



We want to share your story with the world! With your help, we can get as many people as possible to experience A Day In The Life of you! Please use the below information to share your episode with your professional and personal networks.

The big social media platforms for us are LinkedIn (@xADITL) and Instagram (@xADITL). We’d also appreciate a follow (we are #teamfollowback if you were wondering). 

Leading up to the release of your ADITL Article, our team will be sending you all of the promotional material associated with your article.


Your Employer

In some cases, your employer may need to be involved in the production. We are happy to collaborate and have worked with many different PR, HR and press teams at companies like NBC and LinkedIn. If you know that your employer needs to be involved, we will coordinate that with you before the interview.

Sensitive Subject Matter: We understand that there is just some subject matter that you rather not say. Please make us aware of any sensitive subjects before the interview to ensure for better preparation. 

Branding: We’d love to feature your company name or logo on our website and in the post. Please let us know if this is ok or not. Additionally, if there are any specs on wording or phrases regarding the company, please let us know beforehand.

Names: Whether it be clients, customers, prospects, partners or colleagues. Please let us know what or who we can or cannot name drop. 

Transparency: First and foremost, we want you to be happy with this podcast. We want to produce our content in tandem with you and your company. If there is a marketing or public relations department that needs to speak with us, we’re more than happy to. Furthermore, if there is specific wording or details that your company would like to add in, we encourage that too. We want you to share it and use it for your own professional gain and PR. 

Collaboration: If your employer or company would like to explore how we can collaborate further please let us know.


See You Soon

Again, thanks for letting us share your story! You’ll be instrumental in shaping the career journey of many. We’re looking forward to Experiencing a Day In The Life of YOU.


Mat Po & Krista Bo


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