The "Healthy Hustle" Series

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Name: Julia Chebotar
Private Chef and Health Coach
Health Chef Julia
Location: New York, NY

What does it mean to be an Private Chef and Health Coach? What do they even do all day?

Welcome to Part 1 in the 2-part “Healthy Hustle” Series! In this episode, we’re going to experience a day in the life, hour by hour, of Julia Chebotar, Private Chef, Health Coach and owner of her own business so you can decide if this is a job you can see yourself doing! Let’s get right into the day…

Welcome to Part 2 in the “Health Hustle” Series with Julia Chebotar, Private Chef, Health Coach and the owner of her own business!

In Part 1 we went through, hour by hour, a day in Julia’s life as an Private Chef and Health Coach. In this episode, we’ll take you through Julia’s career journey so you know what skills and experience are necessary become a private chef and start your own business. Let’s learn how she did it so you can too!

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