A Day In The Life of a Landscape Design Entrepreneur

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Alex in the Farah Mobile

Alex Farah

Farah Landscape Design

Alex Farah, is a graduate and current student at Rutgers University. He completed a Bachelors in Labor Studies and Employment Relations with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Now, as he grows his business, he still attends classes in landscape architecture. He has a love for football and weightlifting. Alex says that he owes his success thus far to his girlfriend Nicole and God who both shaped him into the man and business owner he is today!

Landscape Designer

Job Description: Alex is the owner of Farah Landscape Design located in Central New Jersey. Farah Landscape Design is the premier landscaping specialist trusted by homeowners who want nothing less than the best value for their money on all their landscape design and maintenance needs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the landscape design industry, we take pride in our ability to perfectly turn our clients' vision into reality through outstanding landscape design capabilities that exceed expectations. We operate with utmost professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and reliability. We make sure to work closely with each client every step of the way to ensure that all our services are aligned with that of their vision for their lawn or yard.


tuesday, 05/02/20192019

Wake up at 5:00 AM

Alex is an earlier riser and starts this summer day at 5 am. As one would expect, coffee is the first go to. And as many people the next step is to review the daily schedule that he planned the night before. He has a few jobs to get to that day, hence waking up so early.

Leave for work at 7:00 AM

Commute: He hops into his signature ford pickup truck to go grab his equipment from storage. Alex keeps his heavy equipment stored in a shed at a nearby nursery. This was a huge score for Alex when he was first starting out. This arrangement allowed him to secure his equipment at a low cost. This was important because starting out, the startup costs for a business can be a little daunting, saving money is key.

Arrive to work at 7:30 AM

Work Environment: Alex arrives to the first job site. His workers are already there to greet him. His first stop is a typical suburban house. Alex doesn’t need an office. He can do all his bookkeeping at home. And as mentioned before, he keeps all of his equipment in a rented shed at the nursery. New Jersey is Alex’s office. He is outside constantly! Imagine a typical American suburban neighborhood… That’s the setting for most of Alex’s day.

8:00 AM

Alex is the sole full-time employee at Farah Landscape Design. He hires workers on daily and seasonal contracts. They unload the truck and begin the task at hand.This job is a regular lawn maintenance customer, so they do the usual mowing and turf edging. During weekly visits, Alex and his team also control weeds, crabgrass, and insects. For this particular job and customer today, Alex is tasked with remulching as well.

11:00 AM

After a few hours of work, Alex assess the progress and comes to the conclusion that he needs some more mulch to finish the job. He leaves his team to go buy more supplies. In the car he eats a sandwich to refuel.

1:30 AM

Afternoon, he returns with the rest of the mulch to finish the job. The first job but the day is only a fraction of the way over. Since beginning his  business, Alex has taken careful track of how long different jobs take. Therefore, he has a grasp of how much work he can take on in a given amount of time, whether it be in a day, week or month. Alex usually works until the sun is down, so he has plenty of time to get another job in. He sends his team to the next maintenance job while he splits to go meet a potential client.

2:00 PM

He arrives at to meet his potential client. She just closed on her new house and desperately needs to redesign her front yard/ walkway and backyard. This is the first meeting with her. The goal for Alex is to build rapport and learn exactly what she needs and wants. During the meeting, she explains that she needs shrubbery, new stone paving and a slew of other services. Alex takes measurements, make suggestions and collects the necessary information to make a quote. He’ll go back later in the night to research and compile the information to formulate a quote. The meeting goes well and he’s off to meet his workers at job #2.

3:30 PM

Different house, same job. More maintenance. They work until sun-down and decide to call it quits for the day.

7:00 PM

He drives all the equipment back to the nursery for the night. From there, he heads to the gym… as if he didn’t exert enough physical energy today! But seriously, he chose a physically demanding and to keep up and be able to play the long game, it’s imperative to stay in shape.

9:00 PM

Did you think the day was over? One home, Alex get’s right back to work on the business part of his business. He runs the show, yes he’s his own boss, but that means he has to handle everything from bookkeeping and accounting to creating that quote from earlier. He uses GreenScape, a computer software, used for visualizing and designing the work to be done. He also has to do things like marketing and promotion. After about an hour of desk time.

Asleep by 11:00 PM


Pictures, Tools and Resources

Ford 150 and Dodge 3500

Farah Landscape Design LLC (@farahlandscapedesign) • Instagram photos and videos

Landscape Design

Work in the Day & Class at Night

  • 1995 Ford F-150
  • 2001 Dodge 3500 Diesel
  • Ryan Walk-behind Aerator
  • Wright Stander X Lawn Mower
  • Wright Velke Lawn Mower
  • GreenScape: Landscape design software

If you’d like to contact Alex with any questions, would like to use Alex’s services, or just want to see some kick-ass landscape designs, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or his Website.

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