Jennifer Abate BSN, RN, MSCN

Senior Staff Nurse, NYU Langone Health

Nursing MS

A Day In The Life of a Senior Staff Nurse &
How to Become a Senior Staff Nurse

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What do does it mean to be a senior staff nurse? What do they even do all day?

Welcome to Part 1 in the 2-part Nursing MS series. In this episode, we’re going to experience a day in the life, hour by hour, of Jennifer Abate, a Registered Nurse at NYU Langone Health Center , so you can decide if this is a career you can see yourself doing!


In Part 1 we went through hour by hour a day in Jennifer’s life as an NYU Senior Staff Nurse. In this episode, we’ll take you through Jennifer’s career journey so you know what skills and experience are necessary to land a job as a Nurse. Jennifer didn’t want to become a nurse just because she wants to help people, it was just natural to her.

Show Notes

Basic nursing tools:

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs (not to be confused with the show Grey’s Anatomy or the 1858 textbooks, Gray’s Anatomy):

Health care professional development: Working as a team to improve patient care:

Team Approach to Health Care Means New Role for Doctors

Mapping Medicaid Delivery System and Payment Reform:

Case Management Nurse:

31 Best Specialty Career Choices For Nurses:

Navigating Hospitals: Teaching Hospital vs. Non-teaching, Does it Matter?:

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