A Day In The Life of a Space & Technology Attorney

Baker Arena

Baker Arena

Commercial Space & Technology Attorney
Maxar Technologies

What does it mean to be a Commercial Space & Technology Attorney? There’s a lot to unpack here… Commercial? Space? Attorney? What does this man do all day? Does he bring aliens to court?

Welcome to the “Space Based Law” series! In this episode, we’re going to experience a day in the life of Baker Arena, Commercial Space and Technology Attorney at Maxar Technologies, so you can decide if this job is right for you!

His company is a leading space technology provider of advanced space-based technology solutions aka earth imagery, geospatial data, analytics & insights and more for private & public sectors to gain insight from.

A company as cool as Maxar needs to protect what makes Maxar unique—their intellectual property—and be compliant with company practices. That’s where Baker and his team comes in.

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