Monica Stewart

B2B Sales and Growth Consultant, Skaled

Scalable Career in Sales

A Day In The Life of a B2B Sales Consultant &
How to Become a B2B Sales Consultant

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What does it mean to be a sales and growth consultant? What do they even do all day?

Welcome to Part 1 in the 2-part “Scalable Career in Sales” Series. In this episode, we’re going to experience a day in the life, hour by hour, of Monica Stewart, a Sales and Growth Principal at Skaled, so you can decide if this is a career you can see yourself doing! Monica’s got some awesome insight about sales methodologies and the sales industry as a whole sprinkled throughout her daily tasks. Her job is to help companies and clients of all sizes improve their sales teams and projects, she’s THAT good at what she does!


In Part 1 we went through hour by hour a day in Monica’s life as a Sales and Growth Principal. In this episode, we’ll take you through Monica’s career journey so you know what skills and experience are necessary to land a job as a Sales and Growth Principal. She is such a valuable employee, her first boss she ever had quit the moment after she gave him notice she was leaving AND she’s the common denominator as to why 3 of the 7 companies she’s worked at got acquired.

Show Notes

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