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There’s a huge gap between what college students think a job is like and what the job is actually like. Together, we can fill that gap by creating an online library of content about what a day in the life (ADITL) of different jobs and industries is actually like.
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Tell Us About Your Day!

  1. Pick a day… Any working day. It’s completely up to you. Now from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to when you close them at night, plan to take note of every move you make.
  2. Using the ADITL Worksheet, track all of your activity throughout the day. Hour by hour. Task by task. Record times, along with any notes, thoughts or sentiments about what you’re doing. 
  3. Submit your completed ADITL Worksheet. The Experience A Day In The Life Editors will then turn it into an ADITL Article and publish it and add it to the online library. 

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Download and complete the ADITL Worksheet


“ADITL” stands for “A Day In The Life. ” The ADITL Worksheet helps they way you track your activity on a specific day so we can turn your day into an ADITL Article.

You’re simply tracking your activity throughout the day. So the short answer is: it depends. It depends how long your day is, and how much detail you include.  Some of our guests and features have told us they were able to complete it in under a half hour. Others spent longer crafting their story. 

That’s absolutely fine, and you’re not alone, we get this question a lot! In these cases, feel free to condense some weekly activities into a day. For example: if you are documenting a Tuesday, but had a really important meeting on Monday, we want to know about it. 

On the flip side… No one is stopping you from submitting two ADITL Worksheets for two different days 🙂



Which best describes you?