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1. Share Your ADITL

Document your specific work day with the ADITL Worksheet. It's all online, mobile friendly and easy to do. Simply compete it, and submit it to us when done.

2. Interview

We'll then determine whether your a better fit for an Article or Podcast episode and schedule an interview with you and one of our Editors or Student Editors.

3. Publish & Share

We'll get to work crafting your story and update you with the release date. Once published, we just ask that you share your story with your professional and personal network.

Frequently Asked Questions

“ADITL” stands for “A Day In The Life. ” The ADITL Worksheet helps you track your activity on a specific day so we can turn your day into an ADITL Article. 

Simply put, this will help us prepare for the best interview possible. 

You can download the sheet above and it will have complete instructions attached to it. 

Basically, you’ll pick a day, and from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to closing them at night, you’ll use the ADITL Worksheet to track your activity throughout the day.

You’re simply tracking your activity throughout the day. So the short answer is: it depends.

It depends how long your day is, and how much detail you include.  Some of our guests and features have told us they were able to complete it in under a half hour. Others spent longer crafting their story. 

That’s absolutely fine, and you’re not alone, we get this question a lot! In these cases, feel free to condense some weekly activities into a day. For example: if you are documenting a Tuesday, but had a really important meeting on Monday, we want to know about it. 

On the flip side… No one is stopping you from submitting two ADITL Worksheets for two different days 🙂

Certainly! It will make for a more complete and awesome ADITL Article. We encourage it 🙂

All guests start off by submitting their ADITL Worksheet online. Simply check the box that indicates you’d like to be considered when sending in your ADITL Worksheet. 

We’ll reach out to you from there. 

Please note: we’ve seen a huge increase in submissions in the passed few months and although we’d love to, we don’t have the capacity to interview everyone on the podcast. 

More detail will make for a better and more meaningful experience for both you and our readers, but the level of detail you provide is up to you. 

We see this a lot, don’t worry. We ask for detail and specifics, however we don’t expect you to share any sensitive information that you don’t want to or cannot share. 

If you’re in this situation, we still encourage you to give the ADITL Worksheet a shot, once you start, you may be surprised how much value you can provide about your day without revealing anything sensitive.  

You will be redirected and prompted to schedule your interview with one of our editors. Choose a day and time and you will receive an email and calendar invite with more details.

To provide as much value to our readers as possible, there are three parts that make up an ADITL Article:

  1. A day in the life
  2. Experience 
  3. Advice

In the interview, we’ll ask for some clarification about your ADITL Worksheet, however, we’ll spend most of the time discussing your experience leading up to the job you have today.

For the advice, consider these prompts:

“What would you tell your 18 year old self today?”

“If you do your job to the best of your ability, how does that impact the bigger picture?”

“What is one thing you would tell people who aspire to be just like you?”

Currently, we’re sourcing content to release in bulk with the release of Season 3 of our podcast. 

In the future, ADITL Articles will be published within the week of the interview. 

There’s a massive gap between what people (especially students) think jobs are like and what those jobs are actually like! 

This is our way of bridging that gap.




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