The "Sideline Stand Up" Series

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Name: Courtney DuPont

Multimedia Sports Journalist

Company: Jersey Sports Zone

Location: New Jersey

What is game day like for sports journalists?

Welcome to Part 1 in the 2-part “Sideline Stand up” Series. In this episode, we’re going to experience a day in the life, hour by hour, of Courtney DuPont, a Multi-Media Sports Journalist at Jersey Sports Zone, so you can decide if this is a career you can see yourself doing!—small spoiler alert: IT’S A LOT to juggle but in the best way possible! super exilierating & rewarding and fulfilling if you’re passionate about telling stories. Let’s get right into the day!

In Part 1 we went through hour by hour a day in Courtney’s life as a Multimedia Sports Journalist. In this episode, we’ll take you through Courtney’s career journey so you know what skills and experience are necessary to land a job as a MSJ. We’ll talk about Courtney’s experience working for the BIG 10, the NJ Devils and why her interview at a network disappointed her. Let’s learn how she did it so you can too!



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