A Day In The Life of a Swimwear Entrepreneur

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Name: Lauren Willmore
Swimwear Entrepreneur
With Love From Swimwear
Location: Malibu, CA


Prior to her career with With Love from Swimwear, Lauren had little experience with design or fashion. She worked at Lululemon starting out in the apparel industry.Lauren also tutored many students at Pepperdine University in economics and math so that she could build her financial base in order to create her and Shiva’s company.

Currently a senior at Pepperdine University, Lauren is earning her degree in Business and Economics. She gained knowledge about the business world through her classes, with her accounting courses having stood out at most helpful. While the coursework allowed her to effectively learn business skills, she says that her professor for these accounting classes helped her to understand that as she was building her business, it was alright to make mistakes. He also coached her to push through these mistakes in order to create a meaningful learning experience. Another course she found helpful was Marketing Strategy, which helped her to understand the importance of keeping a specific mission tied to a brand. Running a business while also earning one’s degree is not something that many people would be able to handle, but Lauren has learned to balance her social life, the work for their swimwear line, as well as her classes with great skill.

Throughout college, Lauren also interned for her father who owns his own company. As she watched his demeanor and strategies running his company, Lauren learned how to communicate effectively, as well as how to act professionally towards clientele. Since she is responsible for much of their brand’s customer service, Lauren has applied the skills she developed in this internship into being able to handle issues with her own customers in a kind and professional manner. She also learned the sometimes-hard lesson that the customer is always right.

However, at the top of all of these lessons was the advice from her father that has stuck with her throughout her journey of creating a business: to simply just fail. He taught her that in all jobs and experiences in life, you will have to fail many times in order to get better and Lauren has effectively applied this lesson to her work with With Love from Swimwear.

Lauren Willmore and Shiva Mizani founded With Love Swimwear two years ago in Malibu, California. With Lauren’s business knowledge and Shiva’s creative background, the two best friends teamed up to create a company that would deliver high-quality swimsuits at a price that won’t break the bank. With both girls working as co-founders, they have found a way to perfectly blend their strengths to build the ultimate partnership. While Shiva heads more of the design aspects, Lauren represents the business and logistics side of the company.

Job Description

As co-founder, Lauren is responsible for customer service, collaborations with influences, negotiations with partners, and daily analytics of their social media. Additionally, she is significant in coordinating production of the swimsuits and the balancing of their company’s budget.

ADITL: Monday

Wake up at 7:00 AM

As a full-time student that is gearing up for her senior year while also co-running a business, waking up early is essential for Lauren to get as much done each day as she can.

Right as she gets up in the morning, she jumps into work mode and checks the company’s email. Putting urgent or flagged messages at top priority, she replies right away to any texts or emails in order to attend to any customer service needs as quickly as possible.

After doing some work once she gets up, Lauren always begins her day with a workout. Whether it be surfing, a quick run, or her favorite Pilates class, she finds getting moving in the morning to be the best way to get her day started. She budgets about an hour each day for her exercise, then heads home to shower and get ready. After she has done all of this, she gets prepared to take on her busy plans for the day.

Leave for work at 9:00 AM


Working from campus makes for an easy commute!

Arrive to work at 10:00 AM

Work Environment:

Lauren meets up with Shiva, her co-founder. They meet for about an hour to delegate their orders that they need to send out to customers, as well as to just check in with one another to ensure neither one is overloaded with their work.

Shiva and Lauren have sorted out their responsibilities for orders based on the specific styles of their swimsuits. This means that Shiva is in charge of shipping out three certain swimsuit styles, which Lauren is accountable for the other three styles to make sure that they are able to get customer’s orders out quickly and effectively.

Additionally, they set out deadlines for when they must send out the orders by.

11:00 AM

In this current generation, Instagram is an essential tool for Lauren and Shiva’s business in that it helps them to build a customer base and to get their name out there. Therefore, they dedicate much of the day to working on the brand’s profile by keeping up with trends and posting consistently in order to keep their followers informed and inspired.

Additionally, Lauren handles most of the business’ collaborations with other influencers and negotiates deals with Instagram Influencers. Lauren loves incorporating lifestyle influencers into their brand to help with growth and exposure, so she takes her role to build those deals very seriously.

While, of course, getting one’s creation on a Kardashian or Jenner would be a dream, Lauren and Shiva aim to focus on specific influencers that have just the right amount of a following. This means that rather than collaborating with huge influencers that are constantly promoting various products and companies, they choose to reach out to influencers that have a moderate amount of followers that are most likely to be more willing to pay attention to what they are promoting. They put a lot of thought into who they want to send swimsuits to in order to ensure maximum return on the collaboration.

While constantly working on Instagram throughout the day, Lauren also frequently checks emails to reply to customers’ about returns or questions, as well as other emails about potential opportunities.

1:00 PM

In the afternoon, Shiva and Lauren are busy working on a new swimsuit collection, so much of the rest of their day is spent picking out final styles, going back and forth with manufacturers, deciding how many units to make, budgeting the line, and shooting the pieces.

Working with many influencers, Lauren and Shiva must include in their budget how many swimsuits they want to send out. This is where the girls’ perfect blend of skills comes in. While Shiva’s best skills fall in the design category, Lauren is business savvy and is able to handle the logistics of the new line that will be coming out. Therefore, their partnership flows smoothly and is working in its most effective manner.

3:00 PM

Even as Lauren is kept continuously busy with work on their new collection, she makes time to hang out and chill throughout the day. Being located in Malibu, she loves to go to the beach, grab lunch somewhere fun, or just hang out at home.

This way, she keeps a balance between work and relaxation that is easy to sustain. Even though Shiva and Lauren are business partners, they are also best friends, so they make sure to set aside time to do fun things around Los Angeles. Their background as friends has allowed them to build the ultimate partnership with open communication and an equal amount of involvement.

They both aim to lift one another up and to have fun while working together, which helps them run With Love From Swimwear much better than if they were to work alone.

7:00 PM

After taking some time for herself, Lauren returns back to work before ending her day. As she handles the business side of the company, she is constantly working back and forth with emails, collaborations, and issues that are often time sensitive, therefore she must devote times at every part of the day to handle her responsibilities.

As their brand is growing, problems arise with customers as they try to work out a return policy that is convenient for the customer but does not cause the company to lose money. Often, Lauren finds that these problems are resolved differently depending on the situation, but she works hard to maintain a professional manner towards the customer that allows them to end up happy with how she has handled their issue.

Asleep by 11:00 PM

The “Sophia Top” from the most recent With Love from Swimwear collection.


Lauren (left) and Shiva (right) act as co-founders of With Love from Swimwear.


Pepperdine University located on the coast of Malibu, California.


Photoshoot featuring pieces from With Love from Swimwear


You can find With Love From Swimwear on Instagram or their website!

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